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  • Easy to use: Test yourself in convenience of your home
  • Reliable and accurate: our test kits follow strict quality standards and are specially manufactured under low humidity conditions.
  • Expert well water technicians are available by phone and email to assist you if you have questions or need recommendations.
  • Includes important test not found in any other home test kits available, such as manganese, total dissolved solids, and ORP.
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KIT OPTIONS COMPARISONEasy Well Water Test Kit $19.95Easy Well Water Test Kit PRO $49.95Easy Well Water Test Kit Pro Plus Bacteria $59.95Easy Well Water Test Kit Pro Plus Bacteria, Lead, Pesticide
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Tests Included
Additional Tests
Total Dissolved SolidsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Coliform Bacteria11
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A. Our kits come with a test for manganese as standard and are guaranteed to be the lowest price online.Our Well Water Pro I and II kits are unlike any other kits available online today. All kits online today are missing four very important tests that are critical for testing well water: manganese, tannins, total dissolved solids and ORP. Due to the volume of kits we sell, we can offer these kits at a very low price. If you have problem well water, which is causing sediment, stains or odors, these test kits are the best value online and will give you the missing information you need to determine your water quality.

Q. After I test my water, how I am going to know what it all means?

A. Each test kit comes with a chart and instructions detailing what the results mean, but we take it one step further. Simply email us the results or call and talk to one of our technicians on the phone, and we will explain each test in detail and send you informational easy-to-read reports on how to fix your water if you water is having a problem such as bacteria, staining, odors etc. If you order the Well Water Pro I or II test kits, it comes with a postage-paid sample bottle and mailer. Simply drop your water sample in the mail, and within 1 or 2 weeks we will email you a completed report with recommendations.

Q. I am moving to a home where the former owners said the well water is safe, but I saw some stains in the toilets and the water has an odor to it.  Which test kit is best for me?

A. If you are not having any specific problems with your well water, and the water was already tested previously for coliform bacteria and no bacteria was present, then use the Easy Well Water Test Kit Pro, or the National Test Labs WaterCheck Test.

Q. We have staining on our fixtures from our well water, and we need to get it fixed. We need to find out what is causing the staining, which test is best for us?

A. Rust, reddish or brown staining can be caused by the presence of iron, manganese or tannins. For this its best to use the Well Water Pro I test kit. By finding out the levels of iron, manganese and/or tannins in the water, you can choose which iron filter system, water softener or other filter system will work best. All manufacturers of well water treatment equipment recommend you have the water tested first, to make sure it is compatible with their systems, and this professional test will arm you with the knowledge you need to choose the right equipment.

Q. My water leaves blue or green stains on our fixtures, which test should I use?

A. Blue or green stains is caused by copper. Copper is rarely found in ground water, and is the usually caused by corroding copper pipes from acidic water. Use the Well Water Pro test kit to determine how aggressive your water is and the level of copper in your water. This problem is easily solved but knowing the water chemistry in advance is critical to select the correct pH neutralizer if you have acidic water. Corrosion can occur on water that is not acidic, and it is important to know the total dissolved solids, which is included with the Well Water Pro test kits.

Q. Do you test for tannins?

A.  Yes, if you purchase any of the water test kits, we offer free tannin testing in our lab. Just send us at least 4 oz of water in a clean plastic bottle that is filled to the top.

Tannin causes a slight tea or very light brown color to the water and interacts with iron in the water, and requires additional treatment other than just iron removal.

Q. Why is it important to test for manganese, total dissolved solids and ORP?

A. Manganese is present along with iron in many well waters. It causes stomach upset in some people, but the main problem is that it causes tea-colored and brown staining of fixtures and laundry. Many iron filters and water softeners do not remove manganese effectively, so it is important to know if you have manganese present or not. Total dissolved solids testing is one of the important tests to determine if your water is corrosive or scale forming. ORP, (oxidation reduction potential) is a critical test to do before selecting an iron filter or other oxidizing filters.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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