Hydrogen Sulfide 

EPA is taking an important step to provide communities with additional information about toxic chemicals being released to the environment. The Agency is announcing that it is lifting the Administrative Stay of the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) reporting requirements for hydrogen sulfide. The Agency’s review of hydrogen sulfide is part of its efforts to examine the scope of TRI chemical coverage and provide communities with more complete information on toxic chemical releases.

Hydrogen sulfide was added to the TRI list of toxic chemicals in a final rule published on December 1, 1993. On August 22, 1994, EPA issued an Administrative Stay of the reporting requirements for hydrogen sulfide in order to evaluate issues brought to the Agency’s attention after promulgation of the final rule. These issues concerned the human health effect basis for the listing and the Agency’s use of exposure analyses in TRI listing decisions.

On February 26, 2010, EPA published a Federal Register document that provided the public with the opportunity to comment on EPA’s review of the currently available data on the human health and environmental effects of hydrogen sulfide and EPA’s belief that the Administrative Stay should be lifted based on those data. In addition, the document addressed the concerns raised regarding use of exposure analyses in TRI listing decisions.